‘VRT Het Journaal’ update skillfully blends set with augmented

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Augmented text elements appear in front of the desk, including the date, while the video panels on the wall feature a quick left-right “pulse” of green — that’s well matched to the musical bed. 

Augmented reality is also used to add topical imagery that floats around the studio space and can be coordinated with th eon-set panels.

In addition, blue and green shapes are also digitally inserted into the 3D space and layered over the set.

Another key use of augmented reality during the broadcast are floating weather maps situated to the right of the anchor desk and backed with a cloudscape on the video panel array.


The show’s insert graphics make use of a simple, blocky white and blue color scheme with rectangles that have rounded and right angle corners.

Other updated include more prominent integration with the “VRT NWS” brand.

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