‘New Day’ gets new look for ‘CNN Business Center’

Along with updating its website, the new CNN Business brand is also being rolled out across other parts of the network’s empire — including a regular segment on “New Day.”

Christine Romans, who regularly offers a business news update on the network’s morning news program, joined the program Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2018, from in front of an angled video wall with a large “CNN Business Center” logo feed to the panels.

The upward arrow was placed between the words “Business” and “Center,” while the background of the graphic took on a bold green with animated blocks.

The website didn’t opt to use the green color palette nearly as prominently — and in many ways this on-set graphic has a much more vibrant green.

CNN previously created a “Money Center” for “New Day” in a similar manner, though the graphics behind Romans reflected a more “Situation Room” style look.