‘Nightly’ offers full newscast on eve of synagogue shooting

After news broke of a horrific shooting at synagogue in Pittsburgh, all major networks offered special coverage as events unfolded.

However, at least in the eastern and central time zones, only “NBC Nightly News” was slated to air a full weekend edition — with sports coverage pre-empting the event newscasts on CBS and ABC.

“Nightly” devoted all of its teases to the story Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018.

Weekend anchor Jose Diaz-Balart anchored ‘Nightly’ from 30 Rock, opening the newscast from the studio’s ‘video tower’ and a ‘Synagogue Attack’ logo using condensed font and a bright yellow and red design.

A gritty background with emergency vehicles and other imagery was used in fullscreen graphics.

Audio from emergency radio transmissions were transcribed on screen with bright yellow text with red accents — as well as textural backgrounds.