NBC wraps up its holiday programming with ‘fun’ branding

NBC is packaging up its holiday specials under a frosty look with the tagline “Oh what fun!”

The “add on” branding, which references a line from the classic carol “Jingle Bells” typically involves using icy snowflake elements and backgrounds with merry red text.

“Oh what fun!” is being used to promote a wide variety of programming, including special holiday editions of regular shows or one-off programs such as Pentatonix’s “Not So Silent Night” and Darci Lynne’s “My Hometown Christmas.”

The promos for holiday related programming typically end with a quick fullscreen graphic with the NBC peacock in the center and “Oh what fun!” below with the faint sound of sleigh bells in the background, though the musical signature is sometimes changed to better match the show being promoted.

Below are a selection of promos that use the branding and design motif.

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