West Palm Beach station gets new set stocked with strategically placed LED display tech

Sinclair’s CBS affiliate WPEC has debuted a tech-heavy new set.

The set, designed by Devlin Design Group, features an extra wide floating seamless video wall behind a sleek, curved front anchor desk with integrated LED panel.

Flanking either side and tucked behind the showcase video wall are wall mounted lower resolution LED walls, which make it possible for the station to display animated and looped backgrounds here that enhance the layered look. 

The main video wall can also be shot off-axis as a standup or weather wall without the anchor desk appearing on camera.

Camera left, meanwhile, is a triptych of three pivoting vertically mounted panels that can show individual or multiplexed imagery, with the camera left lower resolution video panel to the left fo the anchor desk serves double duty in the far background — where its lower resolution is well planned for.

In the area separate the anchor desk from weather is a smaller high-quality seamless video wall that segues into a four-panel L-shaped arrangement behind a working weather presentation desk that mirrors the look of the anchor desk.


These large panels can display weather graphics as well as double as an additional standup area for more general topics.

Framing out the entire perimeter of the set are backlit graphics, lighted header bans and wavy, blue textured elements as well as vertical frosted panels to add depth and break things up.