Evertz showcasing interoperability solutions at NAB 2019

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Evertz Microsystems will showcase its collaboration with Tektronix to develop new advanced IP tools and workflows at NAB Show 2019.

Tektronix is a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions that are enabling industry transitions to IP based infrastructures.

At NAB 2019, Evertz’s Software Defined Video Networking solutions, with over 400 global installs, will showcase new advanced IP workflows and support for new industry IP standards and specifications with interoperability demonstrations featuring Tektronix’s Prism media monitoring and analysis platform.

Designed for IP infrastructure environments, Prism comes packed with a comprehensive set of measurement and display tools that provide visibility into network performance. This enables potential problems to be quickly identified, reducing the time to fault isolation and remedial action.

Both Evertz and Tektronix have worked together on IP technology solutions for over five years.

This commitment to IP includes actively participating in industry organizations that promote IP technology including SMPTE, VSF, AIMS and more.

Evertz and Tektronix are leading the industry transition to IP infrastructures with support for new tools that enable the effective deployment and management of IP facilities.

These new tools include Advanced Media Workflow Association IS-04 and IS-05. These revolutionary new specifications, define the automatic discovery and registration of new devices on a network (IS-04) as well as connection management (IS-05) of network devices.


As new IP media networks continue to be deployed and grow in size, the number of video, audio and data flows within new facilities is growing exponentially. In order to effectively manage these new flows, powerful new tools, including AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 have become critical requirements.

In addition to these new tools, another requirement for all IP facilities is advanced orchestration and control of all network resources.

Evertz’s Magnum orchestration and control system provides a single unified point of control for all devices on an IP network.

Magnum’s advanced feature set, enables a single fully integrated orchestration solution, which is both scalable from small to large infrastructures, and also supports IP, baseband and hybrid architectures, simplifying the transition to IP.

At NAB 2019, Evertz and Tektronix will be demonstrating their commitment to new industry standards and specifications including AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 as well as ST 2110, a suite of standards defining the carriage of professional media over IP networks.

These demonstrations will feature Magnum and Prism’s ability to interoperate in an ST 2110 environment utilizing AMWA IS-04 and IS-05.

IP infrastructures are more than simple replacements for SDI. IP, with its advanced capabilities including the ability to more easily share resources, has enabled new highly efficient operational workflows.

Evertz’s Vue intelligent user interface platform harnesses these new capabilities with its ability to create streamlined and intuitive user interfaces for every operational application.

At NAB 2019, Evertz will be demonstrating the integration of VUE and PRISM to create these new highly efficient user interfaces.

This demonstration includes new VUE tools, including PRISM widgets that enable the creation of custom user interfaces that readily exploit the advanced capabilities of the PRISM platform.

“The transition to IP has required a fundamental rethink of the tools required to operate a facility,” said Harjinder Sandhu, product manager, orchestration and control systems at Evertz in a statement. “Tektronix was an early adopter of IP technology and, with their support for emerging IP standards and specifications, has created new advanced IP tools that have accelerated the transition to IP and we are pleased to be able to collaborate with them at NAB 2019.”

“Evertz has been the leader in the transition to IP infrastructures and their deployment of the industry’s largest IP systems has given us enormous insight into the test and measurement requirements for next generation facilities,” said Charlie Dunn, general manager, video product line at Tektronix. “Evertz’s Magnum orchestration and control solution, with its comprehensive support for new IP standards and specifications, has enabled this transition and we are excited about our NAB 2019 partnership with Evertz and how our combined efforts will continue to advance the transition to IP.”

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