What to watch for: First democratic debate

While NBCUniversal networks are busy promoting the first of its two night debate coverage, here’s a look at what we’ll be tracking during the debate:

  • What the stage set design looks like: We’ve already gotten a preview of the stage, but since it’s equipped with multiple LED panels, the final look could be completely different — or even change throughout the debate.
  • How the stage set is shot: With the large number of candidates, it will be interesting to see how NBC handles getting reaction shots from others as well as interaction shots between participants and the moderators. 
  • How graphics are handled: Will questions or topics be shown on screen in lower thirds or other graphics? How will candidates and moderators be identified on air?
  • How the “Decision 2020” branding is used: NBC revealed its “Decision 2020” logo in late May — and this has been used, with new elements blended in, since then.

We’ll have full coverage of the first night of the debate Thursday — look for it then!