TVE puts forecasters ‘on top of the world’ for AR weather explainer

Spain’s TVE used augmented reality and a virtual set to help explain the affects vehicle emissions have on weather and climate. 

In the segment, the forecast Monica Lopez Moyano “enters” what appears to be a glassed in space as coverings “roll back” to reveal a sweeping view of the city below.

TVE’s augmented reality software inserts text callouts for key information, as well as adding weather effects outside the windows — including the detail of raindrops hitting the glass.

Other effects allow the forecaster to point out how pockets and movements of air, denoted by color coding, interact with each other and affect the weather.

For a more detailed look at the effect on climate, a virtual globe “pops up” from the center of the room’s “glass” floor, allowing the forecaster to point out specific movements and changes in trends.