Conservative group appears to blame ‘A/V’ team for fake presidential seal behind Trump

Despite Donald Trump’s criticism of TV news organizations that sometimes fall victim to embarrassing graphical gaffes that feature incorrect or fake images, he fell victim to a similar mixup Thursday, July 24, 2019 — while the “A/V” guys appeared to get thrown under the bus for the error. 

During a speech at a Washington, D.C. hotel, Trump entered the room as two images of the seal of the president of the United States flashed on the large screens behind him.

But, upon closer examination, the two seals weren’t the same.

The Washington Post first spotted inconsistencies in one of the seals, which include:

  • The arrows normally placed in one of the eagle’s talons have been replaced with golf clubs.
  • Instead of the Latin “e pluribus unum” above the eagle, the words read “45 es un titere” which translates from Spanish to English as “45 is a puppet.”
  • The eagle itself had been modified with two heads, making it appear similar to Russian’s national symbol of gold double headed eagle.

The other seal appeared to be the correct version — as was the one affixed to the front of Trump’s lectern (this one is typically provided by the White House and accompanies the special designed lectern that often travels with Trump).