NFL adds music suite for 100th anniversary, game day hallmarks

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the NFL, and to mark the occasion the league has created a special logo and musical suite that has worked its way into every broadcast partner’s presentation.

From logos on set, such as on CBS’s “The NFL Today,” to special teases and wipes, the new branding has made many appearances on-air in the first week of the regular season.

Both the league’s opening hallmark stinger (which usually accompanies an announcement like, “Fox Sports welcomes you to the following presentation of the National Football League”) and its post-game copyright slide have been updated with the logo along with a short version of the musical theme.

From NFL Films composer David Robidoux, the music suite replaces a piece composed in 2015, also by Robidoux, that was known as the official branding theme of the league.

The “NFL 100th Anniversary Suite” includes five movements, “Theme,” “Honor,” “Triumph,” “Legends” and “Reprise,” each of which evoke different aspects of the game through strings, percussion and horns, in a style that pays homage to the rich tradition of NFL Films music.