Fox’s Super Bowl LIV coverage, by the numbers

Fox Sports coverage of Super Bowl LIV is supported by multiple production locations, over 100+ cameras and a new information graphics system.

Fox’s production includes 13 mobile production units in the Fox broadcast compound along with 15 temporary structures. 

Fox Sports South Beach Set

  • Nearly a month of construction time
  • 50+ square meters of LED walls
  • 25 cameras, including:
  • A moveable two-point Flycam, bringing the viewing audience from the ocean to the set
  • Multiple robotics and cranes
  • Wireless cameras

Gameday Fan Plaza & Field Set

  • Full set with large LED screens and Fox Sports demo field in the middle of the action outside Hard Rock Stadium
  • 10 additional cameras
  • 1,200-foot, two-point Flycam camera system with ability to fly over the plaza and into the stadium
  • Collapsing modular stage at the southeast side of the stadium

Super Bowl LIV

  • 70 manned or robotic cameras; 30+ lock-off and POV cameras
  • 20+ end zone and end line pylon cameras
  • Wireless “Line-to-Gain” camera, following every first down from ground level
  • 24+ Super Motion cameras (high speed), ranging from 180-1,800 frames per second
  • Three (3) 8K cameras
  • Two (2) focused on team benches and sidelines, with ability to be magnified up to 12x and replayed
  • One (1) which will, for the first time, shoot the entire Super Bowl in 8K
  • Eight (8) high-speed 4K cameras at the end zone, down the line and high-end zone positions which can be magnified up to
  • 6x in any area of interest in the frame
  • Two (2) SkyCams
  • High and low – the high SkyCam is capable of elevating above the stadium roof
  • Seven (7) wireless cameras, including:
  • Multiple Steadicams
  • Movi Gimbal Steadicam
  • Multiple Digital Cinema Cameras

Audio Coverage

  • 72 field mics
  • Two (2) full submix boards
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Wireless player mics