‘ABC News Live Prime’ debuts

A week after ABC News expanded its “ABC News Live” streaming platform, the network officially debuted a duo of primetime newscasts that evolve looks that have already debuted on both the streaming and broadcast network.

Branded as “ABC News Live Prime,” the broadcasts air at 7 and 9 p.m. eastern and are anchored by Linsey Davis.

Davis opened the first edition of the broadcast with a note about the service’s goals — including a not-so-subtle shot at how the service will benefit “cord cutters.”

“We have a lot of news to get to, but before we begin, for those who are just joining us for the first time, we’d just like to reiterate our goal here,” she said.

“First off, to those who have decided to cut out cable, you have not cut off your ability to access insightful news. Our aim is relatively simple — to provide analysis and context to both stories that inform and stories that make you feel. We hope to delve a little deeper and linger a little longer on the news that matters,” Davis concluded said before switching gears.

The shows are broadcast from the small ABC News Live set the network previously built for the streaming service.

At the top of the newscast, Davis is shown seated at the anchor desk with a stylized blue-violet map of the world behind her and a New York City view on the video wall camera left.


There’s no formal open, though the ABC News Live title card does run immediately prior to the show’s teases starting.

This design starts with an extruded world map with a violet background and bright red “spikes” before switching to a series of rings that eventually form the ABC News globe logo.

Before the black globe takes over the entire space, a series of past ABC News logos are visible. 

The elements continue moving until the black ABC globe logo is shown atop the words “News” and “Live,” with the word “News” set in the traditional ABC News logotype font set in a metallic version of the trademark pale blue.

The “ABC News Prime Live” in show graphics, meanwhile, are similar the new special report graphics the network introduced earlier this month, including the orange, blue and white color scheme, chevron and angular elements and diagonal hashmarks.

At the same time the special report graphics were updated, ABC News Live’s rolling news coverage also switched to a similar look.

It’s worth noting that, although ABC’s morning newscast “Good Morning America” has a more circular motif, it also uses hashmarks and chevron elements. 

The “Prime” top story is branded as “The Big Story” and includes its own stinger with the word “Big” boxed in and a blue world map background accented with chevrons. 

Lower third insert graphics are largely similar to the standard ABC News Live design introduced last week, with the show identified as “ABC News Prime” in the lower left corner.


The primary lower third insert graphics are also structurally similar, in many ways, to ABC News Live’s and those over at “Good Morning America.”

The world map background behind Davis uses a blue and dark violet color scheme with hashmark and a grid accents along with bursts of light and microtext. 

These elements also make appearances in additional in show graphics, including fullscreen graphics.