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Happy New Year! Actually – Happy NEW Year! Not “Happy Same Year” or “Happy Copy Year” or “Happy Boring Year.”

So, let’s do something new. Sets, lights, graphics, blocking that’s different. Not tired. Or tried and true. And please, please, please, let’s not play it safe.

Old habits die hard. Let’s kill a few. Not because it’s all about “New.” Because it’s about “Better.” You cannot achieve the lead by embracing the status quo. Truth be told… you cannot maintain the lead with the same old habits either.

What’s your goal? More viewers? More engaged viewers? More community identification? More…??

You’ve got great staff on-air and off, let’s build a better platform. Let’s make the viewers sense your dedication, freshness and professionalism. Your promos do that to a degree. Now let’s amp it up for every new set of eyes that first sees the result of all this difficult and sometimes endless work.

Your viewers see content from a wide spectrum of sources. If you look the same, you’ll just blend in. That’s a bad strategy.


Here’s a recipe for success:

Step 2) Revisit your brand. Decide not just who you are – but more importantly what you want to say.

Step 3) Think holistically. Think total Production Design – so that each element of the broadcast reinforces all the good choices you’ve embraced to move forward. Don’t rely on contractors and vendors that are focused solely on their own scope.

Step 4) Dare to be different. Separate yourself from the herd by picking a design partner who will help you steer clear of mundane, boring and derivative ideas. Same does not equal Better. Remember, design solutions shouldn’t put you in the same lap as your competition.

Step 5) Don’t just buy a design. Hire a Designer – one who creates bespoke solutions. Don’t settle for a firm that repurposes the same old thing (or resuscitates their last project). Your brand has unique needs. Treat it that way.

Step 6) Get professional help. We’re talking about project management. Project management and coordination can consume your staff. An experienced project manager from the right company can save you time, money and headaches.

Careful readers know we left something out. Here it is:

Step 1) Make a New Year’s resolution to NOT be Happy Same Year, Happy Copy Year, Happy Boring Year… and keep that resolution!

Angry Badger Productions
Angry Badger Productions is an innovative production design team, with decades of experience in network and affiliate news, creating one-of-a-kind scenic and lighting designs for broadcast environments. ABP’s approach is to start from scratch, rather than providing cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf designs, with a focus on clients’ needs and workflows, which along with inspired imagination produces results that engage and grow audiences.