BBC applauds front line workers in coronavirus themed countdowns

BBC News is paying tribute to front line workers battling the coronavirus pandemic during its iconic “countdowns.”

Of course, the all-so-familiar pulsating musical bed is still in place, but updated imagery includes a wide range of footage of people applauding and cheering for front line workers — as well as banging pots and pans, which has become a popular practice in the U.K., U.S. and other places around the world. 

Views from around the U.K. with the glowing intersecting lines, which are frequently used in the everyday countdowns the network uses, are also scattered in.

BBC uses the the countdowns to “fill time” between news updates and other programming so that the next program doesn’t end up starting at an odd time.

Most versions of the countdowns are designed to run up to 90 seconds, though the network rarely runs that much in any single airing.