ESPN promotes ‘fall frenzy’ in MLB postseason campaign

To promote its coverage of the MLB Wild Card Series, ESPN called upon agency 2C to create a fast-paced promo spot

“The concept was a custom shot-by-shot, multi-layered treatment inspired by 90’s grunge rock poster art to capture what makes this postseason unique: more teams, more pressure, more stars,” notes 2C.

With four days, 16 teams and winners moving on in the playoffs, 2C wanted viewers to “feel the frenzy” in the design style. 

“ESPN and 2C created a home-run campaign that truly embodies the elevated excitement and the unexpected nature of fall baseball this year. Executed by a talented, curated team of designers, animators and editors spanning 2 countries and 5 time-zones, the campaign includes both English and Spanish versions, cut-downs and radio.”

Project Credits

Sr VP Marketing: Laura Gentile
VP Sports Marketing: Emeka Ofodile
VP Sports Marketing: Michelle Bella
Marketing Manager: Daniel Martinez
Marketing Coordinator: Juliana Araque
Senior Director ESPN Grande & Leonard: Ryan Campbell
Director ESPN Grande & Leonard: Mike Dominguez
Associate Director ESPN Grande & Leonard: Shaun Leska
Associate Director Marketing Production: Matt Cheron
Senior Coordinating Editor: Grayson Sedory
Writer/Producer ESPN Grande & Leonard: Brad Ross
Writer/Producer ESPN Grande & Leonard: Brian Nasti

President/Owner: Chris Sloan
Operations Manager: Bob Cobb
Creative Director/Writer: Cheryl King
Tease Editor: Victor Otero
Concept Editor: Dan Perry
Designer: Nick Ford
Animator: Alberto Garcia
Animator: Jovan Nedeljkovic
Animator: Jessica Musumeci
Audio Engineers: Cesar Haliwa & Andy Stermer