‘The News with Shepard Smith’ will move to new, permanent set Oct. 28

CNBC’sThe News with Shepard Smith” was set to go live from its new, dedicated set in Studio B at the network’s New Jersey headquarters Oct. 28, 2020, network sources confirmed to NewscastStudio.

Since its Sept. 30, 2020 debut just under a month ago, the broadcast has been originating from a part of Studio A, the network’s largest studio that also is open to its sprawling newsroom with mezzanine level.

However, if all goes as planned, CNBC will move “The News” to Studio B Monday night.

NewscastStudio published an interview about the design from the CNBC exec in charge of the project, the set design and anchor Shepard Smith last week.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect the changing debut date. Sources originally indicated the new set would debut Oct. 26, 2020, but that did not happen. Sources then said plans called for Oct. 27, 2020 or Oct. 28, 2020 “at the latest.” On Oct. 27, network sources confirmed an Oct. 28 debut to NewscastStudio.