RTL’s entertainment programs rebrand with X-driven looks

Germany’s RTL rolled out a complete on-air update to its three news magazine programs, “Exklusiv”, “Explosiv” and “Extra,” this fall.

Working with agency CapeRock, the rebrand centers around an X logo design which has been extruded with glass and backlight effects. The logo, which is meant to stand out individually or as part of the family, is created to work on-air, online and offline.

“Creating an unmistakable brand world is the aim of the redesign, whereby the brand family of magazines and news maintains a visual link to the main brand RTL,” notes CapeRock in its case study. “The new designs of the ‘X-Logos’ add new energy to the programs and offer the viewer an effortless orientation in an increasingly complex digital world.”

“Exclusiv” is all about VIPs and red carpet reporting and uses a bright golden tone. “Extra” retains a link to the established orange and off white color palette which was paired with a sculptural bronze X. “Explosiv” was changed into a bright white and Red color combination, notes the firm.

Along with the logos, the shows received new virtual sets designed by RTL’s internal team incorporating the brand language created by CapeRock. 


Rendered with Epic Game’s Unreal Engine, the virtual sets are centered around a larger-than-life X and prioritize the presenter with only hints of the world beyond the studio, using large glass walls to create the background.

CapeRock’s relationship with RTL will expand early next year with the relaunch of “Guten Morgen Deutschland” and other news programming.