Warner Chappell Production Music adds authentic Latin library

Valo Latino recently launched at Warner Chappell Production Music, featuring authentic Latin artists and styles.

“Join us on this sonic adventure across rich musical terrain, from the streets of Cartagena to the corridors of Mexico City and Monterrey, showcasing charismatic voices, caja, accordion, brass, live percussion and most importantly, the indomitable spirit of this vibrant culture,” the production music company notes.

From Norteño and Banda to Champeta and Vallenato, the initial release includes 10 plus albums of music from artists including Eric Guerrero, Loko, Eduardo Obast aka LALO, Pepe Barajas, Eunel and Milady.

Valo Latino is a sister library to the vocal song-focused Valo Artists library at WCPM along with Xplct Muzik.