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TVU Networks adds software development kit for app

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TVU Networks has announced the TVU Anywhere SDK, a software development kit for the TVU Anywhere live video app.

With the free TVU Anywhere SDK, developers can add live video transmission to an iOS or Android app, which makes it easy for reporters, viewers, and fans to contribute live video for programming.

The TVU Anywhere SDK is ideal for developers involved in app creation for broadcasters, news outlets, sports teams, or any other organization involved in live video production. It allows them to integrate TVU Anywhere into an existing app, which adds a robust live streaming element compatible with the TVU Networks ecosystem including TVU Receivers, TVU Grid, TVU Producer, and more.

The TVU Anywhere SDK allows an organization to integrate TVU Anywhere into an existing app for live video contribution.

For example, a broadcaster can add TVU Anywhere into their app, allowing reporters and crews to stream live video of breaking news directly from the field without a separate camera or uplink equipment. Viewers can also become citizen journalists and serve as an extension of the station’s reporting force, using the app to provide exclusive footage of local breaking news or events. Beyond broadcast news, sports franchises can allow loyal fans to become part of the action by transmitting live footage through their app from home, social gatherings, or inside the venue for game-day scoreboard display or live programs.

Live transmissions feed directly into the TVU ecosystem, providing compatibility with TVU Grid for IP video distribution. Plus, the live footage is compatible with TVU hardware devices, such as TVU Receivers and TVU Servers, as well as cloud-based solutions including TVU Producer, TVU MediaMind, and TVU Transcriber.

TVU Anywhere SDK is the newest member of the TVU family of APIs.

Previous APIs for TVU MediaMind, TVU Transceiver, TVU Grid, and TVU IS+ allow integration with the TVU ecosystem of acquisition, production, transcoding, storage, management, analytics, and distribution solutions.


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