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A.C. Lighting introduces high-end ellipsoidal LED for broadcast applications

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Lighting distributor A.C. Lighting Inc. has released a new ellipsoidal LED light based on the EclipseFS fixture family.

The Prolights EclProfile CT+ features a six-color, LED engine with CRI of 97.

The manufacture notes the upgrades were designed to render subtle differences in skin tones and to accentuate costumes and highlight set pieces.

“We are extremely excited to introduce to North America this high-end LED ellipsoidal for the most discerning applications. This fixture is ideal for mission-critical lighting where skin tone and quality of light on the color spectrum are of the utmost importance,” said Darrell Barnes of Prolights.

The feature set includes studio functions such as virtual CTO and +/- green correction on linear white CCT.

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