NewsNation releases morning newscast teaser promo

Nexstar’s struggling NewsNation channel has begun airing tease promos for its new morning newscast “Morning in America” that’s launching in the fall of 2021.

The three hour show will be anchored by Adrienne Bankert, a former ABC News correspondent.

In the promo, a collection of the not so fun parts of the morning are shown along with the on screen text “Mornings don’t have to be miserable.”

Following this are clips of cheerful people doing cheerful things, followed by “Wake up happy.” 

It’s not clear if this promo is speaking in generalities or if the program will focus more on “feel good” news — perhaps human interest, puff pieces and kickers from Nexstar’s local newsrooms around the country.

The promo also gives a peek at the show’s logo — though it may just be a temporary design — where the letter “O” in “Morning” overlaps the letters on either side, suggestive of a sunrise. 

“Morning in America” is set to debut Sept. 27, 2021, at 7 a.m. eastern.

The show, which happens to share its name with a Ronald Regan political commercial series, is the latest in a series of changes the network will have made in the year it’s been on the air.


That’s included scaling back its original three hour primetime newscast and adding an early evening show plus commentary, interview and analysis driven shows from Joe Donlon, Leland Vittert and Ashleigh Banfield. A new show from Dan Abrams will also debut Sept. 27.

The promo features music from Stephen Arnold Music.