CBS bug gets smaller, switches sides across network programming

Along with launching a new morning show, CBS also made a significant change to its bug the week of Sept. 7, 2021.

CBS Mornings” replaced “CBS This Morning” on Sept. 7 and included a redesigned graphics package that shrank the CBS eye bug and moved it to the lower left of the screen. 

Previously CBS put a larger version of the bug on the lower right during most programming, though it’s moved around over the years, especially during sports.

This composite GIF created by NewscastStudio shows how the ‘full size’ version of the ‘CBS Mornings’ show logotype in the yellow bar positions the eye in the same position as when it becomes the translucent standalone bug.

The location of the bug is tied into the graphics package, appearing in the exact position as the show’s logotype when it’s displayed full size. 

It turns out that change is networkwide. 

The new, smaller bug began appearing during dayside and primetime network programming Sept. 7 as well.

This animated GIF shows how the WBBM Chicago logo is in the same position as the ‘default’ CBS eye bug when used during an episode of ‘Big Brother.’ This image is a composite of two separate scenes.


In addition to network level feed, local stations also have the opportunity to redesign their localized versions of the bug, typically shown for the first few moments after returning from a break.

In Chicago, this included adding a box around the eye along with the “2” numeral and the text “WBBM-TV Chicago” below. This allows the full version to double as the hourly ID as required by FCC regulations. 

Other newscasts, including “CBS Evening News,” “CBS Overnight News” and “CBS Morning News” also switched the new bug.

The old position of the bug.