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Zero Density launches plug-and-play graphics box

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Zero Density has released its first hardware solution for virtual set and augmented reality graphics creation, RealityEngine AMPERE.

Each RealityEngine AMPERE can double the rendering performance of real-time graphics — enabling broadcasters to tell stories with photoreal Ultra HD visuals, straight out of the box.

“Real-time graphics can be revolutionary, but they also come with a lot of questions. After years helping clients like Fox Sports, The Weather Channel and Warner Media use immersive virtual graphics to tell their stories, we’ve heard one come up more than most: ‘What hardware can I use?’” said Kuban Altan, co-founder and vice president of R&D at Zero Density. “With RealityEngine AMPERE, broadcasters never have to wonder again. Everything they need to create high-performance real-time graphics is now in a simple plug-and-play box.”

Featuring the latest-generation NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU and AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro CPU, each RealityEngine AMPERE is configured to optimize not just rendering performance, but real-time video I/O, keying and compositing, as well — even in multi-camera setups.

A single unit has enough processing power to enable photoreal Ultra HD graphics streaming in real-time at 60fps, all without dropping a frame.

Other benefits include:

  • Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) Support – Access AI-driven processing power and a deep learning neural network to create sharper images. For users of versions 4.26 and up of Zero Density’s Reality software.
  • Real-time Ray Tracing for More Photoreal Scenes – Bring better reflections, refractions and more to your real-time graphics with second-generation NVIDIA ray-tracing cores.
  • Multi-camera Processing – GPU-driven processing and a PCIe Gen4 bus can help deliver multi-camera renders, composites and SDI video, all from a single unit.
  • Dedicated Support – Though RealityEngine AMPERE will work out of the box, productions might want to do more. From the best software to use to the color of your green screen, Zero Density expertise can help plot a path to even the wildest of ambitions.

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