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Vinten releases weatherproof, heavy-duty pan tilt head

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Vinten has introduced the new FHR-155E — a robotic pan and tilt head designed to support full-size broadcast cameras and lenses as remote-controlled robotic devices in outdoor locations.

With a maximum payload capacity of 90kg/200lb, the FHR-155E combines sophisticated software and mechanical engineering to enable exceptionally accurate, smooth, and quiet camera movements in challenging open-air environments.

“As the latest addition to our popular FHR range of robotic heads, the FHR-155E shares a pedigree with long line of class-leading robotic pan and tilt heads from Vinten. This solution delivers broadcast quality production values to remote locations outside of a studio with outstanding protection from the environment,” said Neil Gardner, global product manager, robotics and automation.

“Whether the environmental challenge is heat, cold, dust or rain, The FHR-155E consistently delivers the smooth camera and lens motion control necessary for high-quality broadcast output.”

Designed to military specification for use in desert conditions, the IP65 rated FHR-155E is insulated against extreme temperatures with an operating range of 4°C to 50°C and features a remote-controlled wiper with optional jet wash for a clear field of view. The weatherproof camera enclosure is pressurized to prevent any dust from being drawn into the enclosure and is available with an optional Cooler Module that is independently regulated by an internal thermostatic control to maintain a constant optimum operating temperature.

With IP network connectivity, camera operators can make pan-and-tilt movements remotely using the familiar Vinten HD-VRC control system used in studio robotics. The FHR-155E features a pan range of 359° and a tilt range of ±30° (±179° with extended cradle arm) and is designed to be near-silent when in motion — making it ideal for environments with noise limitations.

The FHR-155E is already being used in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa and is available now.


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