NBC encourages viewers to ‘experience history in the moment’ in Olympics promo

NBC is promoting its 2022 coverage of the Winter Olympics in Beijing with a promo that looks back at great events from the games of the past.

“Experience history” an on screen graphic reads amid a series of archival shots from great winter sports events of the past. 

The promo then clarifies that you’ll be able to experience “new” history “in the moment.” 

The end of the spot features a snowy mountainscape with the words “The Winter Olympics: Feb 3” in the distinctive font the network is using in other marketing materials, which appears to be Zuume Cut Bold Italic.

NBC’s Beijing 2020 logo is also visible in the lower right portion of the screen. The logotype features a customized typeface that modifies the tops of the “I-J-I” sequence to form “peaks” of mountains, a notion that’s driven home by the triangular mountain motif atop the lettering.

The network also features the logo of its streamer, Peacock, in the promo, indicating that it will once against carry a significant portion of programming. 

NBC had intended to use the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo to help launch Peacock but the coronavirus postponed the games to 2021 but NBC went live with the service instead.


It did leverage Peacock extensively during the games, though many users walked away frustrated with the user interface and scheduling strategies. For its part, NBC had said it planned to use Tokyo as a way to learn about what worked and what didn’t when streaming Olympics coverage.