NBC unveils 2022 Beijing Olympics logo

NBC Olympics has released its logo design for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The logo, like many of NBC’s past designs for the winter games, features a mountainscape motif. 

It also uses what has become another prominent feature of many NBC Olympic designs: a geometric triangle pattern used to form the right side of the mountain peak.

The logo also includes a stylized rendition of the word “Beijing” below, with special “points” added to the “I-J-I” in the city name that match some of the angles in the mountain icon above. The “N” continues the theme with its downward slope.

The Beijing 2022 organizing committee logo, which is distinct from the ones that many broadcasters use.

NBC’s logo is distinct from the organizing city’s logo, which features a “dancing” figure that itself was refined based off a previous design used during the city’s bid for the games.

NBC’s design will only be used for NBCUniversal coverage of the 2022 Olympics. NBC is the rights-holding broadcaster for the United States. Other RHBs from other countries and regions often develop their own distinct logos.

Beijing has the distinction of being the only city in the history of the modern Olympics to host both the summer and winter games; less than a dozen cities have hosted more than once, but in each of those cases it was always either two summer or two winter editions.


For the 2008 Summer Olympics, NBC used a bold red design that featured an arched rendition of the Great Wall of China (or perhaps the Forbidden City). Like most summer Olympics logos, this one had more of a nod to the cultural and geographic elements of the host country.

There are versions of the 2008 logo with the year swapped out circulating online — but these are not official NBC versions.

A designer named David John Reyes has also posted an “exploration” of a logo and style guide for NBC’s 2022 logo that features a green icon suggestive of Chinese typography, but this is also not the official look for the network.