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Canon adds outdoor, weather-proof PTZ camera

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Canon has added a new PTZ camera designed for IP production in all weather conditions.

The CR-X300 4K Outdoor PTZ camera supports a full IP workflow, including a single cable solution with PoE++ for power that includes IP streaming of signal and control. The camera shares core imaging technologies, including image quality and autofocus capabilities Canon’s popular lineup of professional camcorders, as well as the CR-N300 indoor PTZ camera.

The CR-X300 supports a wide range of communications standards and provides an outstanding level of protection from environmental factors, making it an ideal remote PTZ camera system for video capture in such outdoor scenarios as sports broadcasts, live events, wild animal observation, and theme parks.

In addition, the CR-X300 offers built-in ND filters to help with shooting outdoors in the sun. In recent years, the demand for video content has grown, including large amounts of content created and streamed on-location. By expanding its lineup of remote camera systems, Canon is providing users a more flexible, efficient, and less labor-intensive solution for video production workflows.

The new camera system delivers 4K 30P and 1080 60P / 4:2:2 / 10-bit video by leveraging video processing technologies cultivated through Canon’s history of developing professional video cameras—including a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a DIGIC DV6 image processing platform. In addition, the CR-X300 features a 20x optical zoom lens with a 29.3 – 601mm equivalent2 focal length for video recording of various scenarios from wide-angle to the super-telephoto range.

The CR-X300 supports the same control and streaming protocols as Canon’s CR-N500 and CR-N300 PTZ cameras.

The CR-X300 camera is resistant to dust and moisture, adhering to international IP65 standards for protection against water and other foreign substances. In addition, it is equipped with a lens wiper and

The new camera is slated to ship in February 2022 for an estimated retail price of $13,299.00 USD.


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