NBC stations begin counting down to Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing are now less than 30 days away — and NBC stations are being encouraged to run countdown style promos.

The 30 day mark to Feb. 3, 2022, was Jan. 5, 2022, and NBC has provided local affiliates with a variety of assets to promote the Olympics, including different versions for the days leading up the opening ceremonies.

Stations also often have the opportunity to add a local tag to many of the supplied promos, including a mention of the station name and logo as well as local sponsorships they have sold typically under the “brought to you locally by” tagline.

Coverage of the Olympics will continue to dominate the networks of NBC. The network is planning extensive coverage on NBC, its cable properties and streamer Peacock.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the International Olympic Committee has said that it will move forward with the 2022 Olympics without any delays.

A closed loop “bubble” of athletes, coaches and support personal began in Beijing earlier in January 2022 in an effort that will effectively bar anyone involved in the Olympics from having physical contact with the outside world and hopefully prevent the virus from spreading. The timing is also designed to allow time for any infections brought into the bubble that somehow evaded testing a chance to die down before the events begin.

The 2020 Summer Olympics notably became the first Olympics to ever be rescheduled (the 1940 summer games were postponed due to war and switched venues, but were ultimately canceled) with them taking place in 2021 instead.