A look at how the networks covered the anniversary of Jan. 6 insurrection

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Jan. 6, 2022 marked one year after hundreds stormed the U.S. Capitol and its grounds protesting the results of the 2020 election and attempting to interfere with Congress’ certification of the electoral votes.

While broadcast networks mostly relegated coverage of the day to their normal morning and evening newscasts that day, cable and streaming networks offered continuing live coverage — as least for the most part.


CNN offered a primetime special entitled “Live from the Capitol: January 6th, One Year Later” (though only the number “6” appeared on screen).

The open included gray and red sections featuring a “torn paper” edge, which largely were used to contrast the normal, everyday look of parts of the Capitol complex with the mass of people who entered the grounds Jan. 6, 2021, shown in the red.

CNN also had exclusive access and broadcast live inside of Statutory Hall, featuring Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper standing on a large, circular riser.

The network, like most others, also offered rolling  coverage of the various speeches, ceremonies and other events marking the day.


NBC News split anchored “Today” with Savannah Guthrie live outside the Capitol and Craig Melvin filling in for Hoda Kotb back in New York. Lester Holt made his way to the district for “NBC Nightly News” that evening as well.

Holt appeared to be on the roof of the network’s building near Capitol Hill, while Guthrie was on the grounds themselves. 


The NBC News family used a red graphic with a roughly drawn simplified American flag with the Capitol dome and stylized rough lettering reading “Attack on the Capitol: One Year Later.”


CBS provided live coverage on its streaming network CBSN that included dramatic red and white graphics and slow and somber music.

CBS Mornings” had Tony Dokupil live at the Capitol and “CBS Evening News” was anchored outside the building.


ABC News offered coverage on its ABC News Live streamer and used a red, white and blue torn page motif similar to CNN’s under the name “Attack on the Capitol: One Year Later,” with the typography appearing to the same one it’s been using for its coronavirus coverage over the past two years or so.

Neither “Good Morning America” nor “ABC World News Tonight” anchored from Washington Jan. 6, 2022, but did have substantial on the ground correspondent coverage. 


Telemundo aired a special entitled  “Ataque Al Democracia: 6 De Enero” (“Attack on Democracy: January 6”) that used a blocky red, white and blue look.

The special was anchored from outside the U.S. Capitol.


This Spanish language network aired “Asalto al Capitolio: La Democracia a Prueba” (roughly translated to English as “Assault on the Capitol: Test on Democracy”). Stylized photography and red, black and blue accents were used throughout the extended open.

The broadcast originated from Univision headquarters in New York but had on the ground coverage as well.


Fox’s right leaning cable channel covered live events from the Capitol, but without any special branding, instead opting to use its “Alert” label instead. It also bounced around to other topics, including Afghanistan and the Taliban, crime in America and the “failing” public school system.

While other networks did cover the other news of the day, it tended to skew more toward the coronavirus pandemic and other topics.


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