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Alibi adds 10 new production music albums from chamber orchestras to dystopian futures

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Alibi Music has released 10 new albums to ring in the new year.

From dystopian underscores and intimate chamber orchestras to ethereal electronic cues and apocalyptic rock anthems, Alibi’s debuting production music will serve a wide range of projects.

As always, the new albums also include stems, alt versions and cut-downs, making this music highly customizable, and all tracks are specially structured for syncing to video:

Electro Action Underscores 
Cyberpunk dystopian underscores featuring driving, pulsing synth basses, distorted industrial drums and layers of brooding, ominous soundscapes.

Contemporary Chamber Strings and Contemporary Chamber Strings 2
Dramatic and evocative tracks composed for small, intimate chamber orchestras. Featuring solo cellos, violas and violins, these cues span a large emotional range from tender and pensive to mischievous and playful through to gothic and gloomy.

Futuristic Branding IDs
Slick audio logos and mnemonics, perfect for technology expos, television network branding, game and console splash screens and even computer/system startup effects for sci-fi movies.

Atmospheric Indie EDM
Deep, minimal and ethereal electronic cues. Drawing influence from house and dance music, each of these tracks has a lush and ethereal vibe, evoking imagery of sun-kissed beaches, Balearic after-parties and high-fashion catwalk events.

Carefree Hip Pop
Blissful dreamy tracks with influences ranging from hip hop and chill hop to tropical chillout. With a distinctly hazy, summery vibe, this album features lo-fi chopped samples, uplifting plucked synths, rich deep sub bass and modern punchy drums.


Dark Rock
Brooding, sinister and apocalyptic rock anthems featuring complete male and female vocal performances set to crunchy distorted guitar riffs and edgy rock drums.

Light Hearted Orchestral
Magical and welcoming cues featuring harp glisses, staccato woodwinds and strings and delicate twinkling mallets such as glockenspiels and marimbas.

Minimal Storytelling
Light and delicate organic cues featuring lightly strummed acoustic guitars, upright bass, spellbinding bells and mallets and soothing brushed drums holding up the rhythm section.

Modern Brand IDs
Versatile audio logo mnemonics centered around warm ethereal swooshes, elegant dreamy strings, piano pings and lush synth pads.

Recent syncs for Alibi Music include the season launch trailer for TNT’s “Snowpiercer,” the NBA’s tribute spot for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the official feature film trailer for “American Siege,” among numerous others.

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