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BMG Production Music partners with Ah2 Music, will license Ah2 Filtered Music

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BMG Production Music has announced its partnership with Ah2 Music, founded by composers Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams.

The deal includes a worldwide, excluding the United States, representation of the Ah2 Filtered Music production music catalog, and the addition of Lippencott, Williams, and the Ah2 team to the BMG Bespoke in-house composer offering.

Ah2 boasts music across some 22,000 episodes of television, including some of the best-known global franchises and hit shows. The duo also created the Ah2 Filtered Music production music catalog in 2013.

The multi-genre catalog consists of some 6,500 unique compositions, encompassing 42,000 total recordings. The Ah2 Filtered Music compositions have been crafted to be editor-friendly and can easily be tailored to any multimedia need.

“We describe our music as ‘compositions within compositions’. Through decades working with film and TV creatives, we’ve learned that, on top of providing quality music choices, these teams need to quickly and efficiently work various shapes and layers of musical sounds into their productions. We’re proud to provide our label Ah2 Filtered Music via BMGPM with carefully considered options to ensure that working with us has both artistic integrity and ease of practical application,” said Jeff Lippencott, composer and co-founder of Ah2 Music.

“We found immediate synergy with BMGPM and look forward to navigating the vision for our business with the BMGPM team as an extension to what Jeff and I have built over the last two decades. Their expertise and global reach in the production music space is highly impressive and this partnership provides a great home as we look to increase the exposure of our work,” said Mark T. Williams, composer and co-founder of Ah2 Music.

“Jeff and Mark have crafted a brilliant collection of music with Ah2 and Filtered. Partnering with them sees their expertise strengthen the BMGPM offering to clients, including exploring new creative and commercial opportunities with BMG artists and our extensive media partner network. Joining together our collective enthusiasm and high-caliber product, we aim to continue to build on their existing success,” said Amberly Crouse, BMGPM, VP Creative Licensing US.


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