Why companies are investing in broadcast production spaces

By Alaina Brandenburger for NewscastStudio

Video content is quickly becoming a preferred content marketing strategy and companies across industries have plans to up their production quality.

In the past three years, 76% of companies surveyed said they were investing in video production. Creating a corporate broadcast studio can help your company elevate video production, letting you engage with your followers in a more professional way while allowing for new branding opportunities.

How a corporate broadcast studio benefits business

While this may seem like a larger undertaking and investment, having a studio in your corporate office can provide a set of unique benefits. Such as:

  • Convenient access for last-minute video tapings or live remotes
  • No extra studio fees
  • More privacy
  • Enhanced production quality

You can also use your broadcast studio for social media content, training videos, corporate communications, and much more.

Flexible Scheduling

If you don’t have a corporate broadcast studio, you likely have to plan your video projects in advance to accommodate a studio and a video crew. Or you have to sacrifice video quality by using tools like Zoom to appear via live remotes on news or financial networks. 


Having your own studio in-house gives you control over set design, lighting, and sound, making all your videos look and feel professional. It also helps you create content on the fly.

If your C-Suite employees or other staff members are asked to give television commentary for a news story, you can go into the studio and go live instead of having to scramble to find a space or settling for a lower-quality production. 

Retain Control of Sensitive Content

Like many other companies worldwide, you may have shifted to a remote model or a hybrid model of work in recent years. Improvements in remote working technology have made it easier than ever to employ people in many locations but communicating with them all at once can be tricky. 

Recording important company announcements and hosting them on an internal file-sharing site helps you keep employees throughout the country informed.

If you’re relying on a production company to film and edit these videos, you can make them sign an NDA for sensitive information, but there is still a chance that it might leak. Having your own studio lets you keep confidential information in-house. 

Unify Your Branding

An in-house production studio is accessible to every department, letting everyone create corporate video content with the same production value.

Whether you’re filming corporate communication for shareholder meetings or making a fun, yet informative video for social media, each will have the same tools available to them – allowing brand consistency. 

Planning for a broadcast studio

Adding a corporate broadcast studio to your office might seem like a big investment, but it can help you save money in the long run.

If you add an in-house production team, you can also turn videos around faster than outside contractors. 

With video marketing becoming the norm, more companies are becoming broadcast experts. Videos are a key tool of customer and employee engagement, and business owners will keep pushing the quality as the medium evolves. Your broadcast studio can help you polish your content and keep your branding consistent on all social media and video conferencing platforms.