Eurosport unveils sweeping rebrand focused on cohesion, energy of sport

Eurosport, part of Discovery, Inc., has unveiled a total makeover ahead of its coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The look, which appears on both primary channels, is designed to “guide the viewer” through the network’s coverage which includes cycling, the Tennis Grand Slam and the Olympics.

The network notes the new look is designed to ensure cohesion across platforms for a consistent experience, with hand-drawn lettering and strokes a key visual element along with pops of color. 

The new-look was designed by DixonBaxi along with Eurosport’s in-house team including Guillaume Mouillé, Alexis Thomas, Tom Harris and Sophie Long.

New theme music, from French composer Laplage, is paired with the new motion design.


The music aims to capture raw human energy and the emotion of sports through a thumping heartbeat rhythm that appears throughout, notes the network.