‘CBS News Mornings’ streaming show launches with sunny look

Along with a new set, new name and graphics redo, CBS News’ streaming network also launched a morning block with a distinct design.

The streamer now runs “CBS News Mornings” at 7 a.m. eastern — not to be confused with “CBS Mornings,” which airs at the same time on the CBS broadcast network. For the show, CBS has created a design inspired by its “big sister” show, including the iconic sun icon.

“CBS News Mornings” uses the same musical cue, inspired by the famous “CBS Sunday Morning” fanfare, and a coordinating bright gold shade along with the “deconstructed eye” look with a combination of beveled and flat elements.

The morning block relies more on the yellow and white elements of the graphics, though the world map motif found during its rolling news coverage is visible in some of the graphics, albeit scaled down and shown in a bright yellow.

Curved accents are used heavily, as are rings of hashmarks and arrows, which has the added advantage of suggesting a sun. 


Instead of traditional OTSs, the show typically uses a sold yellow background with a circular “cutout” for topical imagery and a headline along with subtle map, hashmarks and microtext accents plus the laser line accents CBS News Live uses.