Two ABC News shows switch Ukraine branding

ABC News‘ overnight and early morning news broadcasts switched over to using “War in Ukraine” branding for its coverage of the Russian invasion even though, at least as of this writing, the rest of the network is using different titling.

As tensions heated up along the border between the countries networks began rolling out topical titles and graphics to accompany their coverage, as is common with major news stories.

ABC stylized its as “Ukraine|Russia Crisis” and featured a red, white and blue map graphic showing Ukraine in blue and Russia in red. 

On Monday, Feb. 28, 2022, however, overnight news broadcast “ABC World News Now” and early morning newscast “America This Morning” used an on set video wall graphic reading “War in Ukraine.”

The ring motif remains, though it’s a bit more in line with the look used on “Good Morning America,” “This Week” and the open of “ABC World News Tonight.”

The new design drops the two flags and instead features a blue and yellow line under the text, a nod to the Ukrainian flag.


The new image is also used in the lower left of the insert banners, where ABC frequently places topical graphics.

Despite both “WNN” and “AMT” using the new look, “Good Morning America” stuck with the “Ukraine Crisis” graphic when it hit the air later that day.

ABC News Live, the network’s streaming service, is not using the name look either.

CBS News previously was using the “Crisis in Ukraine” but switched to “War in Ukraine” Feb. 24, 2022.

NBC and MSNBC transitioned from “Ukraine Crisis” to “Ukraine Invasion” the same day.