NewsNation touts its balance using visual of tower of hot button issues

NewsNation is reinforcing its “balance” by using the image of a teetering block tower game as a sort of analogy to its “bias free” stance.

“The media are playing games with the news. They’re taking sides on issues. Refusing to show both sides,” an announcer begins as a red, white and blue Jenga style tower is shown on screen against a white background (the game is never labeled as Jenga, however).

Select blocks have words such as “politics,” “climate change” and “vaccines” written on the side and a hand can be seen removing some of them one by one, just like a traditional game of Jenga would be played.

“At NewsNation, we’re different. We know the best way to get to the heart of a story is to present all sides,” the announcer continues.

As pieces continue to be taken away, the inevitable happens — the tower collapses into a pile as the announcer says “because without balance…”

The promo is backed with a musical bed that features what sounds like human humming and a steady beat.

The promo ends with the network’s “News for all America” tagline.

The promo also mentions the commonly used reference to NewsNation being the “fastest growing cable news network” according to the metrics listed on screen in fine print.


Meanwhile, NewsNation’s personality driven analysis and debate programming has been getting more right-leaning according to the Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart rankings, while its website, “NewsNation Prime,” “NewsNation Rush Hour” and “Morning in America” newscasts remain center of the road.

The network originally had a three hour primetime newscast that has since been reduced to an hour and moved up an hour as part of another schedule update on Feb. 28, 2022, shifting Dan Abrams‘ show into its former timeslot.