After unveiling second floor redo, ‘GMA’ first floor space gets minor updates

After unveiling a massive overhaul of its second-floor space in Times Square, ABC News‘ “Good Morning America” kicked off April 4, 2022’s broadcast will some updates to its first-floor space.

The updates are subtle and include removing the remaining structural units with diagonal lines and textured cube-like wood paneling in the space in exchange for a cleaner wood finish.

These changes primarily affected the large video wall camera left of the primary anchor desk that’s frequently used for weather and standups as well as another wall that frequently appears in “video on video” and “walk and wander” floating camera shots as well as select interview segments.

Prior to April 4, 2022’s updates, the video wall camera left of home base on the first floor looked like this, with the textured wood header element. 

On Monday, April 4, 2022, the header was updated with a smooth wood that matches the curved set wall the network installed March 14, 2022.

Previously, this wall featured both the textured wood finish above and below the wide LED panel and was framed out by the light blue diagonal element. Both of these have been removed and replaced with a simple wood finish.

Also over the past week, “GMA” has branched out in how it uses the second floor studio.


This ‘Deals & Steals’ segment uses a colorful spring background accented with elements from the graphics package, namely the dot matrices.

The show tried out a non-GMA branded look during an interview with the cast of ‘American Buffalo.’

This ‘cover story’ setup showcases another use of the southwest video wall.

The network also created updated backgrounds for remote and insert studios that feature the outlined ‘GMA’ lettering camera left, a blurred cityscape with the guest’s location and two of the L-shaped layers camera right.