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NAB Show 2022: Dalet to spotlight media workflows and next-gen newsroom

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Dalet will feature content workflows, cloud technology, and user experience in its NAB Show 2022 booth.

Attendees will be able to discover two offerings for the first time at NAB Show, Dalet Flex for Teams offered as-a-service for all teams with digital media management and multiplatform delivery requirements, and Dalet Pyramid solutions to enable modern storytelling and news production practices with centralized planning, remote editing, and digital production capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to reconnect in person with our partners and customers to share our latest innovations for digital media workflows. We’ve been hard at work investing in and developing modern technologies to meet the demands of today’s media rich organizations. To support this, we have expanded the Dalet Team with media, cloud, and security experts whose focus is to enable wider market adoption of Dalet solutions beyond the traditional borders of broadcast,” said Stephane Guez, CTO, Dalet.

“These investments coupled with our intense R&D and project management efforts have enabled us to deliver an NAB showcase that we’re incredibly proud of: budget-friendly pre-configured, convenient, yet secure workflow cloud-based offerings with state-of-the-art UX and UI experiences customers expect.”

Making Media Tools More Accessible

Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid solutions, which are recognized for their feature-rich, purpose-built and powerful automation capabilities, both now run fully in the cloud, making professional-grade media tools more accessible than ever. In addition, Dalet Flex will be shown for the first time as-a-service.

Introducing Dalet Flex for Teams as-a-Service for Media Workflows

Dalet Flex for Teams is based on the award-winning Dalet Flex media workflow platform and now offered as-a-service. The new, multi-tenanted software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering democratizes key media logistics use cases such as library management and multiplatform content distribution through affordable, pre-configured workflows fully hosted and managed by Dalet. Dalet Flex for Teams makes it easy for customers to get up and running quickly and scale as needed with control over budgets.


Dalet Flex continues to be offered as an enterprise-grade media workflow platform available in subscription, with custom offerings that can be tailored exactly to any organization’s needs and specific requirements. Dalet Flex can be hosted by customers, in the cloud or on-premises, or by Dalet as a dedicated, single-tenant implementation.

From content owners and distributors to sports teams, leagues and federations, as well as brands and corporations, Dalet Flex enables media-rich organizations to drive sustainable impact with their audiences.

Dalet Pyramid Brings Next-Gen Unified News Operations

Dalet Pyramid solutions provide a natural evolution for newsrooms running Dalet Galaxy five, expanding their workflow with next-gen news production capabilities. Available as subscription, these “plug and play” solutions bring convenience and efficiency for centralized planning, remote editing and digital production:

  • Centralized Planning meets the needs of multi-platform and multi-site news operations with a state-of-the-art, kanban-based news planning tool that allows news organizations to visualize, manage and assign stories at the corporate level.
  • Remote Editing offers fast, web-based news editing capabilities in a browser even with limited bandwidth. Editors can upload rushes, gather source materials, edit videos from anywhere, and publish remotely.
  • Digital Production allows news organizations to plan, produce, edit video, and distribute digital-first news content. Experience fast-paced productions with support for multiple aspect ratios, digital graphics, and pre-configured social media publishing.

The Dalet Unified News Operations solution continues to be the end-to-end offering of choice for news organizations looking to upgrade or deploy a collaborative newsroom operating system with modern storytelling tools, state-of-the-art workflow orchestration, and the widest range of options in terms of deployment, architecture and security.

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