NBC squares off its logo design for new Sunday midday MLB games on Peacock

NBC Sports has released the logo for its new Sunday midday MLB game on streamer Peacock.

Dubbed “MLB Sunday Leadoff,” the new streaming broadcast will feature 18 games aired at 11:30 a.m. eastern for the first six games and noon for the remaining 12.

In addition to the actual games, Peacock will also air pre- and post-game shows, with the debut editions set to simulcast on NBC’s broadcast network.

For its coverage, NBC has released a baseball diamond-inspired logo design that features the font Zuume Cut for the two primary words. 

If that font looks familiar, it’s one of the primary typefaces NBC used during its coverage of 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, though in that application it was mostly set in italics whereas this version is not.

The font features distinctive “cuts,” as its name implies, in most places where one stroke intersects with another.

The MLB “everyman” logo perches above the word “Sunday” in the top left, indented slightly from the left side of the flush left “Sunday Leadoff” type, while the Peacock logo is positioned in the lower right.

The logotype portion of the Peacock logo is right aligned along the same invisible vertical line as where the word “Leadoff” ends, though the multicolored stacked dot element is pushed farther to the right.


Meanwhile, the outline of a squared off diamond with rounded corners set in gray frames the entire design, bringing in that reference to a baseball field. 

To keep the type and other logos legible, portions of the diagonal lines of the shape are knocked out, allowing those elements peek out beyond.

Because the word “Leadoff” is slightly wider than “Sunday,” the right segment of the diamond outline looks slightly off-kilter.

The top and bottom segments both have one side that’s longer than the other, but they’re roughly the inverse of each other, which gives it more of a balanced look. 

The “Leadoff” name is also used on a TBS pregame analysis show officially titled “MLB on TBS: Leadoff” that typically kicks off the network’s MLB coverage on game days.