Charlotte station marks 65th anniversary

Cox Media’s ABC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina, is marking its 65th anniversary.

The station hit the air April 28, 1957 and is marking the occasion with on-air and digital retrospectives. 

It’s also developed a 65th anniversary logo featuring its channel number flanked by two flourishes and its call letters in a serif typeface that appears to be a bolder version of the one it uses for its “Eyewitness News” logotype and with a bullet in place of the dash.

Below this is the word “Celebrating” in an extended width sans serif borrowed from the station’s graphics package along with a large bold “65.”

Meanwhile, the word “Years” is roughly two-thirds of the height of the numeral with three underline accents.

The station does not appear to be using the logo in its bug, which perhaps isn’t surprising since even just the “65” doesn’t integrate well with the circular “9” logo.

WSOC uses a full-width bar that features the time and temp, an area for news headlines and weather conditions as well as a promo area to in the far right third of the screen, which juts almost right up against the circular logo.


You can view the station’s anniversary video features and an interactive timeline on its website

WSOC carries the market’s Telemundo signal, including locally produced Spanish-language content on a digital subchannel, but that started in 2017, so that feed isn’t nearly as old (nor is it its own, standalone station).