After delay, ‘GMA’ adds new three panel video array to first floor space

Back in April 2022, “Good Morning America” made some additional updates to its first-floor studio space, changes that were originally planned to go live earlier but were delayed due to supply chain issues, according to NewscastStudio sources.

That changes involve the part of the first-floor studio that’s stocked with a variety of LED panels in a variety of sizes and orientations that is frequently used for walk and wander floating camera video on video shots showcasing a mix of graphics, maps and live shots.

It shows up frequently when the show does a recap of the day’s headlines at 7:30 a.m. and at the top of the 8 a.m. hour of the show.

The core of the update is the installation of three large vertical LED panels that stretch nearly floor to ceiling. The panels are on motorized tracks and can also pivot, the show has yet to experiment with those options yet.

The panels replace the smaller LED panel that covered a window looking out onto Times Square and was once the primary anchor background.

That window appears to remain, but the panels obscure most of it. The network also brought in new yellow and blue header elements that match those used throughout the complex, including at the main anchor desk.

Existing vertical LED arrays flank each side of the new panels titled inward so as to continue to frame out this area of the studio.


Other tweaks briefly included a new columnar lightbox to the right of the existing, smaller video wall, which was part of the old look, albeit with a different surround. However, that lightbox has since been removed.

The LED panels needed to create the new, motorized array, were delayed in their trip to Times Square, hence the later debut. 

The larger digital canvas has been showcased in a variety of ways, from a new, larger “Right Now” graphic to maps showing correspondent locations. 

Because the panels are farther forward into the studio than the old screen, the network gained the ability to capture better shots from camera left of the installation, which also means that an existing series of L-shaped lightboxes appear on air more now. Previously, most of the shots using this area were captured from camera right, which meant these lightboxes were behind the camera in most cases.

The area is also used for occasional interviews, typically in the earlier hours of the show, after which most production moves upstairs to the renovated space available there.

The new elements were installed over the weekend of April 23, 2022, debuting April 25, 2022.