Alghad creates fictional domed stadium with rugged terrain for UEFA explainer

Alghad TV has produced a virtual explainer of UEFA Champions League using a fictional stadium-like setting.

In the segment, a 3D domed structure inspired by the league logo is depicted as if it’s a stadium built somewhere in a rocky area of the world, with the spaces between the stars serving as openings, or viewports, to enter the interior of the space.

The segment was rendered using Unreal Engine.

The virtual structure itself is placed in a dramatic setting that also includes the Eiffel Tower sitting next door, a nod to the host country. However, it’s important to note the structure of the stadium being used, Stade de France in Paris, does not resemble the one shown in the explainer.

Here, the Arabic-language segment discusses some key points of the final and its history by using 3D models done in a monument style standing amid virtual rock formations.

These elements include virtual musicians as the UEFA Champions League Anthem is discussed.

In the background of the on-screen presenter, two other rock formations are used as projection “screens” for scenes, while additional rocks serve as perches for 3D models of the trophy along with callouts labeling its weight and height.

The UEFA Champions League is the European-region qualified for the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Super Cup.


Project credits

  • Creative director: Nebras Hameed
  • Graphic team: Ayman Mosbah and Marwan Haridy
  • Scriptwriter and presenter: Ahmed Asfour
  • Director of photography: Hatem Mostafa
  • Music and sound effects: Tarek Gamil
  • Production manager: Mohamed atef zakaria