ABC News announces ‘Guns in America’ series

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ABC News has announced a daily series called “Guns in America” that will include ongoing coverage of gun issues in the United States.

“Guns in America” is set to debut on June 7, 2022 with Amy Robach’s interview with Robb Elementary School teacher Arnulfo Reyes airing on “Good Morning America.” Select clips from the interview also aired the previous night on “ABC World News Tonight.”

ABC also announced a series of stories and guests centered around the topic to air throughout the day.

To go with the new effort, the network created a logotype along with accompanying graphics.

The core of the look is the word “Guns” in light blue, “in” set in white text inside a red box and “America” in white. Above and below this are matching blue and red line segments that feature both thick and thin portions.

In the background is the outline of the contiguous U.S. in a white hand-drawn style with faded imagery of various firearms inside of it.

The look also features smudge and scratch elements set against a faint texture.

ABC also announced plans for a “continued” presence in Uvalde, Texas, where Robb Elementary is, throughout the next year under an effort called “Uvalde: 365,” which will be staffed by its investigative unit.


ABC’s plans come on the heels of CNN announcing its own move to create a “guns in America” unit and beat within its newsroom. 

Here’s a full lineup of ABC’s plans for June 7:

  • “Good Morning America” will feature in-depth coverage on the rise in gun violence, including Robach’s exclusive interview with Reyes, a Robb Elementary fourth grade teacher whose students were shot by the gunman in his classroom. Co-anchor Robin Roberts speaks with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about her new position within the Biden Administration as well as the administration’s plans to combat ongoing gun violence in the country.
  •  “World News Tonight with David Muir” will feature a report and an in-depth look at the AR-15 style rifle, the legal age debate for owning it led by chief national correspondent Matt Gutman, as well as where negotiations stand on federal gun legislation from congressional correspondent Rachel Scott.
  • “Nightline” will feature Gutman’s reporting on the AR-15 and also speak to teachers across the country, who discuss the role of a teacher and the dangers of carrying guns in schools.
  • “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” co-anchor Martha Raddatz travels to Newtown, Connecticut, for an in-depth look at the impact of gun violence on students, parents and the community. She will interview Gov. Ned Lamont about the changes in gun control legislation since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary nearly ten years ago and discuss efforts to make firearms safer with the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Mark Olivia.
  • “GMA3: What You Need to Know” will have interviews with two young gun violence survivors from Stoneman Douglas High School and Oxford High School, as they share what they think are possible solutions.
  • “The View” will have Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) on the show to discuss gun violence.
  • ABC News Live will report on the profound effects of mass trauma and community outreach efforts, as well as survivor impact stories. On “ABC News Live Prime,” multiplatform reporter Ines de la Cuetara explores how other nations have successfully dealt with gun laws and what they’ve accomplished. ABC News Live will also feature a special conversation, “Guns in America: From Buffalo to Uvalde,” at 8:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. PT, centering on two communities — Black and Latino — that are both seeking accountability in the aftermath of two American tragedies. Hosted by contributor María Elena Salinas, the conversation will include Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX); Vincent Salazar, the grandfather of Layla Salazar, who was killed in the Robb Elementary School shooting; and Pastor Dwayne Jones, a former law enforcement officer who knew the Buffalo shooting victims.
  • ABC News Digital will have a dedicated landing page for “Guns in America” coverage, featuring news and stories on Uvalde, gun safety and mass shootings by the numbers. FiveThirtyEight will publish a poll on what Americans think about gun control.
  • ABC News Radio correspondent Jim Ryan will return to Uvalde, Texas, to tell the stories of survivors and loved ones of the victims, including 10-year-old Xavier Lopez, whose funeral is Tuesday. ABC News Radio will also offer custom interviews with Ryan to stations, sharing what has changed in the two weeks since the shooting. Senior investigative reporter Aaron Katersky will have the latest updates on his exclusive reporting about the technology used by school officials to trigger lockdowns and the lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used at Robb Elementary. Correspondent Karen Travers will report on the efforts to find a legislative compromise to address gun violence. Tuesday’s episode of ABC News’ flagship daily podcast “Start Here,” hosted by Brad Mielke, will feature special coverage, including an interview with Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), who is calling for an FBI investigation into the law enforcement response in the Uvalde school shooting, and conservative commentator David French will discuss the gun debate in the country.
  • ABC NewsOne, the affiliate news service of ABC News, will be reporting on new data which says that the rate of young people taking their own lives with firearms in the United States has increased faster than for any other age group, and the youth suicide rate is at its highest point in more than 20 years. While firearm suicide overall increased by about 2% during the pandemic, the rate among young people increased by 15%, and nearly half of all suicide attempts by young people involve a gun, researchers with Everytown For Gun Safety found. Multiplatform reporter Morgan Norwood will look at what is behind this surge. NewsOne provides news content and services for more than 200 ABC affiliates and international news partners.

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