NewsNation debuts ‘Early Morning’ with darker look, familiar studio

NewsNation debuted its latest hourlong block of news starting at 6 a.m. eastern with a deeper take on its existing morning look.

Early Morning,” which air from 6 to 7 a.m. eastern, launched June 27, 2022, as previously announced.

The show used a variation of the “Morning in America” look that debuted with that show in September 2021.

Besides changing out titles, the biggest change was the color palette. “Morning in America” uses a mix of light and bolder shades, including blues, yellows, oranges, violets and reds.

That, along with the heavily circular fullscreen animations, is driven by the stylized “O” in the show title that is made from a series of concentric rings in three colors, evoking the image of a sun, a common motif in morning newscast looks.

“Early Morning,” meanwhile, uses the same “O” but switches to deep blue, light blue and orange and yellow, giving the newscast a darker and slightly more sophisticated look while also referencing that, in at least in some of the country during parts of the year, it’s darker when it goes on air than “Morning in America.”

The circular look remains, including some of the animated elements, but also adds a slightly different take on the movement.


Where “Morning in America” has a distinct sequence where two circles rotate around a center point, “Early Morning” uses a single circle that moves from the right side of the screen to the lower left.

“Early Morning,” which is anchored by NewsNation newcomer Mitch Carr, is anchored from the network’s second-floor studio that is open to the newsroom.

The space boasts large video walls and vertical towers, along with faux exposed brick, a see-through interpretation of the “crop circles” pattern and internally lit bracket elements.

Carr makes use of one of the smaller circular anchor desks the network added after the original set was installed.

The use of the second-floor space continued into “Morning in America,” which Carr joined as co-anchor alongside Adrienne Bankert, June 27.