ABC swaps studio ‘View’ for a beach one for Bahamas editions of popular daytime talker

ABC News‘ “The View” is enjoying some fun in the sun.

The show started airing from Baha Mar, 1,000-acre luxury resort in the Bahamas on June 27, 2022, with all four permanent co-hosts plus regular Anna Navarro, broadcast from an outdoor space with beach views.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone with ‘The View’ and honored to host this iconic show at Baha Mar for their 25th anniversary,” said Graeme Davis, president of Baha Mar, in a statement issued by ABC.

ABC did not respond to request for comment about the location of the show’s outdoor setup.

In this Baha Bay publicity photo, the Bay Lawn event space is visible in this aerial photo. ‘The View’ appears to be set up near the curving white wall in the upper right of the photo, which the hosts facing the grassy area.

According to NewscastStudio research, ABC took over the Bay Lawn, a grassy part of the resort that’s often used for special events such as weddings.

Hosts sit under a temporary freestanding pavilion, which makes it possible for lighting gear to be installed and provides protection from the weather and natural sunlight.

The location selected provides a view of the ocean and what appears to be a pathway behind, though the sides are mostly covered with rich, thick foliage.


“The View” brought in a table that echoes its iconic folded leaf design but done in a horizontal format with what appeared to be simulated tropical wood. Beneath is a flagstone-style floor with gray and beige-toned stone finishes.

Scenic elements, including the floor and columns supporting the pavilion, are inspired by the elements from throughout the resort.

Casual furnishings in wood and neutral fabrics are scattered around the background behind the table, while there’s also a bar-style DJ booth in one corner.

The show’s 25th anniversary logo, along with some tropical leaf accents and the word “Bahamas” in pink added is attached to the front.

Instead of traditional lav mics, the show opted to use headset mics with mini booms that each of the hosts wear, likely to cut back on issues with wind and background noise in a less controlled environment (different skin tones were even taken into account).

The setup is also able to accommodate an outdoor studio audience and has nearby, permanent buildings that provide support space and amenities such as restrooms.

The Baha Mar resort appears to be hosting the show under a promotional deal with the network and is given on-screen credit.