‘Cuomo’ logo shows up in teaser promo

NewsNation’s upcoming show with former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is airing a teaser trailer that showcases its logo.

“Cuomo” is set for an Oct. 3, 2022, debut, taking over the 8 p.m. timeslot from “NewsNation Prime.”

The promo showcases tight shots of someone, later revealed to be Cuomo, walking through the network’s Chicago newsroom and studio facilities (though plans call for “Cuomo” to be based in New York in new studios the network is building out).

His face is then revealed and the lines “New purpose, new perspective, new network” appear on-screen interspersed with additional shots of Cuomo on set. 

Cuomo then says the line “One nation: NewsNation” on camera.

There is a tiled and single-lockup view of the show’s logo — simply the word “Cuomo” in the NewsNation signature bracket elements, which are found in both the network logo and many show looks.

NewsNation confirmed the show’s logo design in a Sept. 7, 2022, announcement.

The word “Cuomo” appears to be set in a typeface similar to Franklin Gothic, instead of NewsNation’s typical Proxima, which isn’t uncommon among its primetime interview and analysis shows. “On Balance,” “Dan Abrams Live” and “Banfield” all feature non-Proxima fonts in at least part of their logos, though on-screen banners are still set in the font. The now-canceled “The Donlon Report” also used a distinct font.


While the network is airing promos with the logo, it could change in any number of ways between now and its debut.

NewsNation has also released the logo for “NewsNation Live,” the show that current 8 p.m. anchor Marni Hughes will begin hosting Sept. 19, 2022. 

She will anchor for two hours after “Morning in America” goes off the air.

The “Live” logo continues the bracket motif with Proxima used throughout. “Live” becomes a prominent element, with Hughes’ name appearing in the logo as well, just as it was featured in the “Prime” design.

The launch of “Cuomo” and end of “NewsNation Prime” mean that the network’s entire primetime schedule is now filled with analysis and interview programming, as opposed to the three hour nationwide primetime newscast that it launched with (Hughes is the only anchor out of a team of three plus a chief meteorologist) who remains with the network.