Memphis station unveils set with metalwork accents

WATN, Tenga’s ABC affiliate in Memphis, Tennessee, moved onto a new set that includes signature elements from the group’s on-air look along with some local nods.

The new set features a vertically-mounted array of low-profile LED video panels behind the main anchor desk that’s set a standing height.

The video wall and desk style are common features on Tegna sets.

Framing out the area are two diagonal metallic-toned beams along with a smaller, more detailed piece of trusswork running horizontally. These elements appear to be inspired by a conglomeration of bridges and other structures in the city created from metal. Memphis is also home to a metalworking museum, so these elements could also be a reference to that part of the city’s past in that industry.

On wider anchor desk shots, the metallic elements are a nice reference to local architecture and history without being too obvious — and they don’t tend to appear on tighter two shots at the desk, making it easier for the sleek glass-top of the desk and video wall to create a more modern look.

Much of the set is outfitted with white wall segments interspersed with backlit panels, some of which are decorated with city and neighborhood names from the viewing area.


There are also segments of faux stacked stone to help divide up the rather stark white and backlit walls with some texture and references to local geology and buildings.

The weather center is situated in a corner and features a small workstation along with a curved, standing presentation pod. Two monitors on a diagonal wall segment in the corner can showcase weather graphics.

The space also includes a 3×3 low profile video wall for standups and other segments, which also features stack stoned, backlit and white wall elements from other parts of the set, creating a cohesive look.

This space also features a single diagonal metal beam that runs behind the video wall, again creating a nice local touch that shows up but isn’t overly visually dominant. 

Like other Tegna stations, WATN, which brands as ABC 24 on air, uses colored elements in its insert and other graphics to delineate dayparts, and the set’s backlit panels can shift shades to match or create unique looks as needed.