MSNBC takes viewers on a spin around ‘The Insiders’ round table

During MSNBC’s coverage of the 2022 midterm elections, the network had a small rotating group of analysts dubbed “The Insiders,” providing insight and analysis as returns came in.

Alex Wagner Tonight” anchor Alex Wagner served as a moderator of sorts to each group of our, who were set up on the south side of the the smaller part of Studio 3A that was originally built as the home for “NBC Nightly News.”

It’s no longer used for that purpose, but NBC and MSNBC both still regularly use it for productions, including the new “NBC News Daily.”

For “The Insiders” segment, Wager was seated squarely in front of the south video wall at a round circular table with open, metallic star base, with the panel members placed roughly equidistant from each other around it.

There were at least two robotic cameras tucked into the southwest and southeast corners of the studio that could be used to capture more traditional one-shots of commentators. These showed up on air from other cameras.

However, the network also opted to drive home the “round table” point by using a handheld camera that would swing around, often dramatically, from a wide view to a tight view of whoever was talking. Other variations of fast sweeping moves around the space were used.

At one point the shooting arrangement did appear to cause some issues as a camera lens hood could be seen poking into a one shot while a crew member appeared in the background before stepping out of frame.


The south video wall showcase a simulated view of Rockefeller Center similar to what was used on the main set MSNBC set. The jigsaw LED configuration showed dark Decision 2020 branded graphics, while the video tower had a select of rotating graphics depicting charts and graphs.

The final guest, who sat in front of the east wall that overlooks a small workspace between it and the green screen studio, was shown with one of the studio’s vertical slatted column elements designed to disguise the structural supports for the building with a Decision 2022-themed dimensional logo mounted on it.

The north video wall alcove was branded with “Vote Watch” graphics — though those segments originated from the newsroom adjacent to Studio 4E up stairs, with one of the space’s older, segmented video walls, showcasing matching branded graphics.

The part of Studio 3A Wagner and her guests used is sometimes referred to as Studio 3AW and occupies roughly the space that was once designated Studio 3C.