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Disguise adds previsualization to cloud platform

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Disguise has announced an update to its cloud platform that can import, previsualize and share 3D interactive scenes.

“With more people working remotely, and productions being global, we wanted to enable teams to share more accurate representations of their creative vision and execution with their clients. This seamless workflow for sharing files and projects as well as collaborating simultaneously opens up new possibilities for working together in media and entertainment,” said Niall Thompson, Disguise’s Head of Cloud Solutions.

The Disguise Cloud platform is a production hub designed for the media and entertainment industry and it will continue to expand in the upcoming months.

With a direct integration, Disguise Previz is now connected with Disguise Drive, allowing users to share their 3D visualizations and preview models from all angles and make changes while storing, viewing and managing assets in Disguise Drive.

Creatives can also utilize a new feature called Share to Previz, which enables users of Disguise’s Designer software to export a model of a 3D LED stage, including geometry, textures and a baked version of the timeline, into a shareable link that uploads to their disguise Drive for teams and clients to then preview and comment on.

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