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Ateliere powers studio, network, and post production media supply chain workflows and streaming business opportunities at NAB 2023

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Ateliere Creative Technologies will showcase at NAB 2023 (booth W1977) the latest innovations in cloud-native media supply chain management including new innovative localization, automation, and data analytics capabilities that make it easy and attainable for customers to move into the cloud and expand operations. Workflow experts will be available to give attendees a hands-on look at the award-winning Ateliere Connect packaging and delivery and Ateliere Discover white-label OTT platforms trusted by iconic global brands, including A&E Networks, Lionsgate, MGM, Revry, and Vubiquity.

“We continue to see the wide adoption of cloud-native media supply chain systems across the industry as the preferred method of efficiently aggregating content and taking control of packaging and distribution operations,” comments Eric Carson, Chief Revenue Officer, Ateliere. “With Ateliere, customers can leverage the maturity of cloud resources to accomplish priorities without scaling up an entire operation and or production. This brings immense benefits, specifically to profitability thanks to a much lower cost of operations and a much faster time to market for product.”

New innovative capabilities shown at NAB 2023 enable customers to:

  • Meet sales demands more efficiently – Ateliere Connect enables customers to prioritize jobs and target them for a particular delivery platform. This new capability is beneficial for key sales deliveries and large jobs that need to hit a particular delivery date.
  • Forecast with confidence – Ateliere’s new Usage Forecasting feature, which is part of its data analytics suite, predicts trends in content acquisition, processing, and deliveries based on past usage. Customers will have quantitative information that synthesizes both what’s happened in the past and what’s happening in the moment, enabling them to make informed decisions on how their business should react and adapt.
  • Enhance packaging and delivery workflows – The new Ateliere clipping feature lets users assemble trailers and packages on the fly. Simple to use, clipping is key for customers who need to make compliance edits or promo packages.
  • Business continuity – Ateliere is offering customers flexible disaster recovery services. Options include fully redundant setups for always ready, immediate complete or partial failover which remain dormant until needed. Both options ensure customers can operate as business as usual in the event of a cloud storage failure.

Special showcase: Ateliere localization workflow on AWS booth

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be demonstrating how to handle creation, sales and fulfillment for localization workflows across Ateliere, Rightsline, Fabric and localization services providers on stand W1701. The demonstration showcases subtitle localization from external service providers with assets synchronized and automated across processing, packaging, and delivery.

More on Ateliere Connect and Ateliere Discover Ateliere Connect is a cloud-native media supply chain solution that helps media companies of all sizes manage and deliver their video content to multiple endpoints. Key highlights include 75-90% less storage costs, native component-based workflows, and simplified recipe-based packaging and delivery. Microservices and a robust API enable interoperability from ingest to quality control (QC), to packaging and delivery, as well as integration of business and legacy media asset management (MAM) systems, optimizing flow and transparency of work orders, billing, and inventory.

Ateliere Discover is a white-label OTT solution that monetizes asset libraries on smart TV and mobile apps with targeted audience analytics. With Ateliere Discover, content owners can power up a fully branded streaming service and orchestrate delivery across their own branded video app or major OTT marketplace in a matter of days. App elements like artwork, on-screen arrangement, layout and more can be fully customized to create a highly compelling viewer experience. Backend analytics provide valuable insights on title performance and audience viewing habits, enabling content owners to make data-driven decisions about what to deliver next. Flexible subscription, ad-based and hybrid monetization options allow users to better maximize revenue opportunities.

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